Vegan Find – Fry’s Family burger

In my meaty days I was a self-confessed burger-fiend. So much so that I used to keep a list of the top ten burgers in London. So switching to plant-based and giving up beef burgers was, in my head, going to be hard. But it’s surprising how much flavour you can get in to a veggie burger, with a chickpea/quinoa/bean base. And you can find recipes for those kinds of burgers elsewhere on this blog. But this post is all about the meat-alternatives and discovering this pretty authentic take (and fully vegan – no egg white binding used here).

It’s from Fry’s Family – a South African company who specialise in vegan meat alternatives. Having tried their ‘chicken’ nuggets and strips (both good substitutes), I had high hopes for their ‘beef’ burger, and I wasn’t disappointed. This genuinely tastes like a meat burger and you could take these to any bbq and not feel left out. Burgers are always best served with gherkins.

I got these from Holland and Barrett, which stocks a good range of their products. Also available at Ocado and Morrisons. More on where to buy here.



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