Vegan Finds – Co-Op

It’s only when you open you eyes to something that you finally see things clearly – this is exactly how I am now with vegan and veggie options. Back in my meaty days, I’d simply have not even noticed there was a veggie option, and vegan choices would have been unthinkable, as I headed straight for the chicken. But once that flick is switched, you just can’t unsee it. And there are good vegan and veggie options everywhere which you’ll start to see once you let yourself. I discovered this one in the Co-Op which is part of their meal deal. So you get a falafel and humous salad, a side of edamame beans and a juice like a Savse (cold pressed, nothing nasty added), all for just £3.25 – that juice alone normally costs  around £2.20. Total winner. Add some avocado and spinach and you’ve got a healthy, nutritious ‘al desko’ lunch with over 22g protein, around 30g carbs and plenty of the good fats. Look out for it next time you’re in a Co-Op store.


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