Week 1 – Quinoa, herbs and greens

So week 1 of what I intend to be a 52 week discovery of veggie and vegan recipes starts with Anna Jones A modern way to eat”. Have to admit I have found myself becoming slightly obsessed with her books. It’s completely changed the way I look at vegetarian food, which is just what I needed having stopped eating meat overnight one day in September 2016. Rather than be a collection of meat-alternative recipes, her books are about celebrating the taste, texture and versatility of vegetables and making them the star of the plate. She takes a practical approach to cooking: Get EVERYTHING ready in advance before you even turn on the oven, and that way you can pull recipes together very quickly.


But on to this recipe – Herby green quinoa. I used to be slightly afraid of cooking quinoa (I put it in the risotto bracket, which I’ve yet to master), and thought it was a tasteless mass lump of grains, but treated right, it’s great. This recipe brings together lemon, broccoli, peas, leeks and spinach¬†with basil and mint. Cook 250g quinoa with 600ml of water, lemon and veg stock, then when it’s almost done add the broccoli and peas. Add toasted pumpkin and sesame seeds, some glugs of olive oil and you’re done. If you want you can add 200g of feta.

Super straightforward, fresh and healthy, and makes lunch for the week. Winner.

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